Judges voted to strike down abortion rights in draft opinion

A stunning Supreme Court majority draft opinion Roe vs. Wade reportedly leaked, apparently the first draft of the court’s upcoming ruling in a 15-week abortion case out of Mississippi.

The project was obtained by Politico. The outlet reports that the opinion was written by Judge Samuel Alito, who was joined by Judges Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch when they voted in conference after oral arguments.

A court spokesperson told TPM “the court has no comment” on the story and the reported project.

The draft is apparently a first glimpse of mainstream thinking, as it has long been expected to overturn abortion rights this summer. His language could change, perhaps considerably.

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But many conservative judges returned their hostility to deer clearly in the Court’s December oral arguments in the case, providing for the possibility that precedent may fall. The degree of hostility surprised some court watchers who expected the conservative majority to gradually roll back the 1973 precedent.

Politico said in its report that it was unclear how Chief Justice John Roberts would vote. The News quickly reported, citing ‘sources’, that Roberts was willing to uphold Mississippi’s 15-week ban, but would not agree with the majority to overturn. deer entirely.

If any version of this plan becomes the majority opinion, it will be the end of a 50-year precedent, and access to abortion will be quickly cut off in a third of the country. Still other states are likely to advance draconian bans instead of constitutional safeguards. This will impact women who lack the resources and time to travel for the procedure, but will affect many, including those suffering from pregnancy loss and miscarriage.

The tone of Alito’s draft opinion is scathing, its author calling deer an “abuse of judicial authority” based on “extremely flawed” reasoning with “harmful consequences”. He even accuses the decision of having “ignited the debate and deepened the division” on abortion.

Experts and supervisors told TPM that by overthrowing deer has long been the focus of the anti-abortion movement, its activists — and the lawmakers and judges it motivates — likely won’t stop there: Banning abortion nationwide has always been a long game.

Read the document here:

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