Jesse Jackson offers solutions for racial discrimination allegations at Sesame Place

Round. jesse jackson gets involved in the Sesame Place racial discrimination controversy… comes to the table with solutions to improve the theme park for black people.

Jesse says SeaWorld, which owns Sesame Place Philadelphia, should bring African Americans onto its board, spend money on black-owned businesses and hire an African-American company to handle sensitivity training culture for staff.

Jackson outlines his plan in a letter, obtained by TMZ, sent to SeaWorld CEO Marc Swanson … saying SeaWorld has a chance to turn a negative into a positive and seize the opportunity in a situation where most companies fail.

Jesse’s action plan is in response to the viral video showing alleged discrimination against 2 black children who were shunned.

As we reported…there is now a class action lawsuit claiming the theme park and its employees insulted and damaged black patrons, especially black children, and it follows this viral video showing the Sesame character Place, Rosita, shaking ‘no’ at 2 young black girls who wanted to interact with her at a parade and refusing to hug them.

Jesse, 80, says he’s seen that incident with Sesame Place happen too often to remember over the years in his fight for freedom and equality… and he says the discriminatory acts will always come back without sincere actions on the part of companies.

But what irritates Jesse the most, he says, is seeing the discrimination against innocent children…a line he says cannot be crossed.

Jesse says he’s trying to set up a meeting with the CEO of SeaWorld…and that he not only wants to help SeaWorld end discriminatory practices at their company, but also at other theme parks.

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