Jeff Ross says Jon Stewart feels veteran pain, he should run for president

Jeff Ross is not surprised — not surprised at all — to Jon Stewartis overflowing with emotion after the Senate rejected a vital bill to help our veterans … because he says comedians feel the pain more than most.

We had Jeff on Thursday in Bev Hills at Judi’s Deli…and he couldn’t have been more supportive of his fellow comedian. Part of Jeff’s admiration seems to be rooted in the character of Jon, but there’s also comedians’ DNA…to feel and project not just their own pain but the pain of others.

Jeff says he’s totally disappointed that Jon is running for president in 2024 – something that’s kind of become a thing online and elsewhere…despite Jon categorically rejecting the idea.

Still, it seems like Jeff thinks pressuring Jon to show up wouldn’t be a bad idea.

BTW…Jeff compares Stewart to Zelenskybut with an important difference!

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