Jason Oppenheim Debunks Fake Phone Call Claim On ‘Selling Sunset’

Jason Oppenheim is taking down the haters who say he faked a phone call on “Selling Sunset”…and he’s got some pretty compelling evidence to prove it.

We caught up with Jason on Tuesday at Sunset Plaza and asked him what some “Selling” fans saw as a fake phone call during a new episode. And, let’s be clear…although the screen showed his camera app, instead of the phone app (usually visible when you’re on the phone), Jason says, he was actually talking to a customer.

Of course, we didn’t let him go without showing some kind of proof.

So we asked him to call a friend and show us his phone screen. Watch the video and see for yourself what happened.

ICYMI, people on social media have raised their eyebrows after spotting Jason making a call during Season 5 of the hit Netflix series. While he appeared to be speaking, the phone screen said otherwise, and skeptics thought they had stopped JO by being fake…unintentional pun, we swear.

The Twitter crowd came looking for him, insisting that Jason was faking the whole conversation.

Well, now he has cleared the air, or at least provided some evidence to back up his side of the story.

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