ITV Emmerdale’s Charley Webb on the verge of tears over pet ‘hell’

Emmerdale favorite Charley Webb took to Instagram to share her pet drama with fans after the family got a pet hamster. Charley, who is best known for playing Debbie Dingle on the ITV soap opera, has spoken of her misery after being kept up all night by their new furry friend.

The mum-of-three from Bury posted a picture of herself staring at the end of her hitch, writing: ‘It’s not a joke. The hamster kept me up all night. WHAT THE HELL? »

She explained to her 562,000 followers that what she thought was an alarm was actually the little animal’s squeaky wheel. “I thought I heard a kind of high-pitched alarm, I got up. It was the squeak of the bloody hamster wheel,” she wrote alongside the photo of herself with a pained expression.

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And she revealed that their two-year-old son, Ace, slept through the uproar. Ace slept, not the hamster,” she said. Charley then desperately updated to say that followers had messaged her to point out that hamsters are nocturnal and become active at night.

Sharing another photo of herself wearing comfy pants, she said she was on the verge of tears about her all-nighter, writing, “It will be me, all day. If another person tells me they’re nocturnal, I think I’m going to sob.

Charley opened up to her Instagram followers

According to the RSPCA website: “Hamsters are nocturnal, with large eyes and a retina dominated by rods – the part of the eye that can function in low light conditions. »

Charley, 34, has previously shared her annoyance after her husband, Emmerdale co-star Matthew Wolfenden, 41, said ‘yes’ to the hamster after Bowie, six, asked for the animal.

“I said no to the hamster, Matthew said yes to the hamster,” she told fans. hamsters.

Charley then set up a poll on Instagram Stories, asking “do we understand them?” She added the options “just leave it,” or “absolutely not,” so fans can join in the debate.

And she updated to say, “The face of a hungover mother who has just been trained to have a hamster. I literally don’t like anything that moves, so that’s a big deal. »

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