It’s official: Late Night TV turned on Biden in the age of recession

It was only a matter of time.

The mainstream press, once firmly in President Joe Biden’s corner, has given the green light to criticize the world leader on both his advancing age and his ability to lead Democrats in 2022 and beyond.

The same press that applauded Biden’s favorite flavors of ice cream is now suggesting the 79-year-old isn’t strong enough for a second term.

The Hollywood fallout from the shocking turnaround in the press didn’t happen overnight.


Late-night comedians spent the first 16-plus months of the Biden administration avoiding jokes that would make the new leader look bad. They broke a few “old age” gags from time to time, toothless beards that avoided geopolitical truths.

Instead, they have focused their firepower on anything GOP related.

They criticized former President Donald Trump for always calling 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW home. They also brutalized Republicans like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson.

Now they’re suddenly giving Joe Biden a hard time via their late-night monologues.

This week, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon mocked Biden for mispronouncing the COVID-19 treatment known as Paxlovid.

Here’s Colbert impersonating Biden:

“I took Plaxivoid, Plaxivid, platypus polish, I took it. The thing is, that little pill knocked the Clovis right out of my breadbasket,” Colbert said.

“Now I breathe easy…where am I?” »

Colbert didn’t just torment Biden for the mispronunciation. He suggested Biden suffered from dementia, a line of attack that conservatives have launched, with ample evidence to back it up, for two years.

It’s also something “Saturday Night Live” teased last year but quickly dropped.

Moreover, Biden has made far worse verbal errors over the past year, without raising any late-night alarms. He read teleprompter signals as part of his speeches, misstated the names of key officials, and lost his train of thought on numerous occasions.

Jimmy Kimmel saved Biden from one such mistake by cut to an advertisement, statistical

Biden’s gaffes are so obvious and comical that they themselves have inspired memes. Get your “You know the thing” t-shirt at Amazon and other fine retailers.

Yet Colbert suddenly mocks a chef who mispronounces a complex drug?

And he was not alone.

Fallon, who veered left after the media punished him for humanizing Trump, also jumped up and seized on Paxlovid’s mistake.

After playing Biden’s gaffe, Fallon stared at the camera in confusion before mockingly saying, “Welcome, Mr. President, welcome.”

It’s just days after Fallon suggested Biden take a page out of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s playbook and retire.

ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” as relentlessly partisan as its peers, even hired old pro Dana Carvey to tweak Biden in recent days.

Newsweek suggests that it was Biden’s poll numbers that gave the hosts the “everything is clear” sign to mock the president.

This is not entirely true.

Biden’s poll numbers have been embarrassing for some time. They were never high, but they fell apart around this time last year after he returned Afghanistan to the murderous Taliban regime.

Those poll numbers never bounced back.

Now, with soaring inflation, sky-high gas prices and an economy officially in recession, they are hitting new lows with little sign of a resurgence.

What happens next?


Team Late Night will continue to hammer GOP targets. They’ll also occasionally target Biden, perhaps hoping to steal some of Greg Gutfeld’s thunder from Fox News.

“Gutfield! remains at or near the top of the audience pile, and its panelists aren’t afraid to speak truth to power, 2022 style.

They can even drag Hunter Biden into the comedy equation. Revelations about the first son’s business dealings are getting murkier every day, and it’s now clear that the Commander-in-Chief had a lot of contact with his son’s business.

One thing won’t change anytime soon.

Colbert and Co. will continue to ignore Vice President Kamala Harris. She’s next if Biden officially stumbles, and the late-night hosts have no desire to damage her already wobbly brand.

No matter how many word salads Harris serves up, she’s safe from satirical barbs.


The late-night attacks on Biden may do more to lower his poll numbers than anything the commander-in-chief actually does.

At this point, all Biden has is his hardcore base, and the only way they’ll come full circle is if their late-night heroes tell them it’s time to move on.

This seems precisely what Colbert et Cie. tell them.

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