IRS asks IG to investigate Fishy Comey and McCabe audits

The Internal Revenue Service Commissioner has asked the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration to investigate how former FBI executives James Comey and Andrew McCabe were both subjected to intensive auditing very rare, the tax agency said Thursday.

Commissioner Charlies Rettig, who led the agency during the Comey and McCabe audits and was appointed by former President Donald Trump, contacted the IG office ‘personally’ to look into the matter, according to the IRS.

The decisions came a day after The New York Times reported that Comey and McCabe, some of Trump’s biggest enemies, had both been selected for an intensive tax audit called the National Research Program in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

Very few Americans face the program; only a few thousand people are chosen each year.

Comey and McCabe told The Times they were unaware the other had handled the same audit until they were contacted about it by a reporter.

The IRS denied the idea that the two former FBI officials were deliberately targeted and said Rettig had no role in that audit selection process.

“Commissioner Rettig is not involved in individual audits or taxpayer affairs; these are run by career civil servants,” the agency said after the news broke this week. “As commissioner of the IRS, he has never had contact with the White House — in either jurisdiction — on IRS enforcement or taxpayer matters. »

McCabe, who previously called for an investigation into the matter, told The News on Thursday that the IRS had taken “the right step” in contacting the inspector general.

“But let’s see if the IG moves and then makes its findings public,” he added.

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