Irina Shayk accused of supporting Vladimir Putin

The Russian star captioned a photo with the phrase “Russianzz Wednesday,” sparking outrage from Ukrainians and others.

Model Irina Shayk has been accused of supporting Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine by ‘using his ‘Z’ symbol on Instagram.

The Russian star captioned a photo of a traditional Olivier salad with the phrase ‘Russianzz Wednesday’, sparking outrage from Ukrainians and others.

The Z sign is considered by some to be the equivalent of the swastika and is widely used by Putin’s forces, as well as in pro-Russian propaganda.

Shayk once posed with a book showing Putin’s image.

However, she spoke out against the war in March, saying she would donate to Unicef ​​and the Red Cross, adding that she was “praying for peace”.

Ukrainian journalist Maria Romanenko called on high profile sponsors to reconsider their collaboration in light of her latest message.

She posted on Twitter: “Irina Shayk – world famous Russian model who recently worked for @Beyonce, Jean Paul Gaultier, @Burberry, and others – posted a strange, cryptic story on Instagram with the word ‘Russianzz’.

“I really hope these brands reconsider working with her when Russia uses Z to kill Ukrainians. »

“You must be banished from [the] civilized world while you support Russian terrorism against the Ukrainian people! Stay in Russia forever and forget the US and Europe – hypocrisy,” one reviewer wrote.

” I can not imagine ! How after all the deaths caused by Russia you support them and write Z…,” posted another.

Another hostile comment read: “I hope one day you will feel the same as Ukrainians who have lost their children. »

Another pleaded: “@nk9.6.1 @burberry @louisvuitton @balenciaga @chaneloffial @supremenwyork @boss @versace @intimissimiofficial please be careful who you collaborate with. »

Another commenter called her a “Putin supporter” and asked: “@victoriassecret, how is it to collaborate with a Russian fascist who supports Russia’s genocidal war against Ukraine?

Many comments referred to the recent carnage in the Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia, which left 23 people dead, including three children.

One of them asked, “Have you seen those pictures of [the] Bombardment of Vinnytsia?

“Did you see those little bloody little bodies being murdered by your Z army children, the age your daughter might be?

“Are you proud of that, Mrs. Shaykhlislamova?

“I will never touch the brands you promote, or any of my friends.

“We should boycott any company working with this monster. »

The story with the image of the salad – a Russian specialty – disappeared after 24 hours and Shayk did not comment on the backlash.

The previous post with the Putin book was part of an advertisement for clothing brand Suspicious Antwerp. It’s unclear why she was holding the book, or if she’s particularly supportive of Putin.

Shayk shares a daughter with American actor Bradley Cooper, who she split from in 2019 after five years.

Before that, she dated soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

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