Inequality in the workplace: Men are much more likely than women to be offered company shares, new research finds | UK News

Men are much more likely to be offered the opportunity to own shares in their company than women, according to a new survey.

An analysis by law firm Boodle Hatfield showed that of 33,400 occasions when tax-advantaged stock options were offered, 69% were offered to men and 31% to women.

And a study of 14,260 different tax-advantaged stock options that were written showed that women made up 30% and men 70%.

Boodle Hatfield said the figures showed the difference in pay between men and women at senior levels was likely “even steeper” than the 10 per cent gender pay gap reported for all jobs in the UK .

Charlie Hewlett of Boodle Hatfield said: “The chasm between stock options granted to men and women shows that there is clearly a lot of work to be done to close the gender pay gap.

The ‘eclipsed’ gender gap

“Stock option programs can be a powerful retention tool, especially for executives in high-growth industries. These numbers likely reflect the continued underrepresentation of women in these roles. »

Check Warner, co-founder of venture capital firm Ada Ventures, said: “The gender gap in stock options dwarfs the base pay gap between men and women.

“Women are missing out on crucial opportunities to create wealth and take equity stakes in the companies they work for. »

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