I’m trying to decide whether or not I’ll keep this penis coffee table and What else for August 10, 2022

What happened is this person ordered a custom made coffee table and got a table with a penis on it and I’m trying to decide if I’d keep it or not because on the one hand it would be hilarious at a dinner party but on the other hand On the other hand, in my opinion, penises are not attractive – I mean I enjoy the pleasure that a penis can provide depending on but the way it looks, to me , will never be art. Or appetizing. (Unlisted)

The Fug Girls want to do away with oversized costumes and while I love Fug, I can’t co-sign that. I like an oversized suit. I like it loose and roomy – so can we just squeeze another year out of this silhouette, please? It’s not like there aren’t tight, form-fitting clothes in the fashion landscape, in fact there are A LOT of them. Why can’t we just keep the oversized costume? ! (Screw you)

Ben Affleck took Jennifer Lopez on a date at Dunkin Donuts and it was obviously very romantic as they kissed outside. The thing – I think that’s exactly why Ben isn’t like the others for her. She’ll make Dunkin Donuts with Ben…hopefully…but no one else. (Celeb|bitch)

Have you ever seen those stupid fucking balls hanging from the back of a van (it’s still a van) when you’re driving down the freeway? I would never, ever, ever have someone have that shit hanging on their car. And now they’re trying to do this on the back of a pair of shoes? And not just any shoes… but Crocs? Stop that. Why do we hurt ourselves like this? (OMG Blog)

A superb piece by Maura Johnston in memory of Olivia Newton-John. (Vulture)

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