I’m not Australian, but Judith Durham’s unofficial anthem brings tears to my eyes | pop and rock

Your obituary of Judith Durham (August 8) has one glaring omission: giving her credit for singing what has become the unofficial Australian national anthem, sung on Australia Day and at sporting events, I Am Aussie. This is probably his greatest legacy to his homeland. Hearing it even brings a tear to this pommy’s eye, missing her son in Sydney (and remembering singing it after a few too many).
Margot Crookshanks
Hove, East Sussex

I still have a copy of Nancy Banks-Smith’s article celebrating Horace, the computer responsible for captioning the Diana-Charles wedding (Bride wore quistls, July 30, 2001). It still makes me laugh out loud. Glad to see that Nancy hasn’t lost the talent after reading her article about June Spencer leaving The Archers (Nancy Banks-Smith on June Spencer: 70 years of muck and bullocks!, August 8).
Angela Lansley

I’m perplexed by Zoe Williams’ fear of being kicked out of feminism now (Thanks to my feminist principles, I kept my name after my marriage – until I met my mortgage advisor, August 9). Is Williams the name of his mother? Otherwise, I don’t see how feminist it is to keep the name of one patriarch rather than another.
Julia Kantic
Split, Croatia

During visits to the United States, I gradually realized that Americans – well, New Yorkers anyway – do not eat boiled eggs. So now we take egg cups, and a poked egg to avoid splinters (Letters, August 9).
Steven Burkeman

A simple measure will reduce heating and lighting bills this winter: don’t put the clocks back.
Dr Colin J Smith
West Kirby, Merseyside

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