I want to resume stories where I can present myself differently

Mumbai: Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar considers herself lucky to be part of the legal drama ‘Guilty Minds’. As an actress, she thinks her role was very difficult and multi-layered, which makes it more intriguing.
It is a 10 episode series which portrays Shriya as a lawyer Kashaf Quaze and Varun Mitra as Deepak Rana who portrays a corporate lawyer.

In conversation with IANS, she shares, “Our Casting Director Gautam Kishanchandani’s team approached me and the first time actually, when they asked me to audition for this, the date slot that they gave me didn’t work. So I said, it’s not possible for me. But fate decided otherwise. They got back to me and the dates changed. And I said, “Yeah, sure,” I’d like to audition for that. »

“I thought the range of emotions I could interpret during the audition was very diverse. And I was very attracted to the name of my character Kashaf Qazi. And I was sure I would want to do that before I even read the script because I really enjoyed the audition scene,” she adds.

The actress shares that the most important thing for her was that she became a lawyer and it was like a dream role for her.

“I loved all the different legal cases. I loved being able to play a lawyer. I loved the complexity of my role. It was perhaps one of the first times I wore something on my shoulders. And I really liked being trusted. »

Each character presents certain challenges and Shreya agrees that Kashaf is a very complex and difficult personality to portray on screen.

“He’s a completely different character for me. Of course, the fact that she is a lawyer is only one aspect of it. But Kashaf is a complex person. He is a private person and never trusts anyone easily. But she is very loyal. She is very loving. She is very protective of her family.

But his personality in court is different. She’s fiery, she’s ambitious. So to kind of find that balance to go and show those different sides, I think it was fun for me to explore. And the lawyer aspect, of course, there were a lot of lines to learn. But the challenge, I would say, is to make it realistic. »

The actress continues: “Although I would say that I identify with my character because, like her, I am very protective of the people I love. »

Shriya further shares some moments behind the camera and also talks about her chemistry with co-actor Varun.

“I had a great time shooting our courtroom scenes. The actors really have to work to build chemistry with us, there was just a lot of ease and I felt like we immediately felt like those characters without too much effort or trying to imagine that we didn’t were only Kashaf and Deepak to each other. »

While coming from a family where both her parents, Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar were established names, how does she look at her journey so far in the entertainment industry.

Shriya responds, “With every project, I feel like I’m starting. I am more ambitious now and I enjoy this learning process. After each project, I start looking forward to it. I have a few versions that are all very different in terms of genres, there’s comedy and then there’s something lighter and something in the world of reporting. So I think I just want to take separate paths and different stories where I can present myself differently. And I’m also looking to do more movies. I feel like it’s something I haven’t had the chance to do for a long time.

The 10-episode series was created and directed by Shefali Bhushan and co-directed by Jayant Digambar Samalkar. It is produced by Karan Grover and co-produced by Antara Banerjee and Naved Farooqui.

‘Guilty Minds’ is streaming on Prime Video.


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