Husband dragged for falling asleep after learning of partner’s accident

The internet has been in shock after a woman revealed her husband failed to check on her after being involved in a car crash.

On Friday, Mumsnet user Nikses shared the story which has since received over 100 responses from readers. She asked, “Am I overreacting?” after recounting how her husband had fallen asleep when she returned home despite his call to tell him about the collision.

In 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) projected road fatalities hit a 16-year high with more than 42,000 people dying in motor vehicle crashes during the year, a 10% increase over the previous year.

An image of a woman on the phone next to a car after an accident, on the left, and a photo of a man sleeping in his bed, on the right. The internet dragged a husband who fell asleep after learning about his girlfriend’s car accident.
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US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said: “We are facing a crisis on America’s roads that we must solve together.”

The poster explained: “I had a car accident tonight, my first and I’m a new driver. Someone hit the back of my car at quite a high speed, caused damage and I hit my head on impact.

Although they were able to drive home, they explained that they had called their husband to tell him about the accident, saying they would be home soon.

“When I got home he was sleeping,” the Mumsnet user wrote: “When I got into bed he didn’t even ask me if I was okay? Am I hurt? What happened ? it does not interest you ? »

In January of this year, the US Department of Transportation announced the National Highway Safety Strategy, providing $5 billion in grants over the next few years to states to implement lower speed limits, better lighting on pedestrian crossings and additional bus and bike lanes to try to reduce death and accident counts on American roads.

Funded by President Biden’s bipartisan Infrastructure Act, Buttigieg said: “We are taking critical steps to help reverse this devastating trend and save lives on our roads.”

Despite being well enough to return home after the collision, the Mumsnet user was clearly shaken and upset that her husband hadn’t stayed awake to check on them – a sentiment shared by other users who rushed to comments to share their thoughts.

“Wow. Honestly, I’m shocked at your husband’s lack of interest,” one response said, “My husband would have run to the scene to be with me. Yours was sleeping when you got home. Again, wow.”

Another Mumsnet user wrote: “I would definitely reevaluate my relationship if my husband clearly cared so little about me.”

It wasn’t until hours later that the poster was updated and said: “He just got up and asked about it and was worried he has now seen the car and is sending me a text while he’s walking the dog asking if I’m okay.”

A commenter on the viral post said: “He’s either incredibly relaxed or he doesn’t care about you. My partner had quite a few accidents and each time I was beside myself and often driven at night, with the children, to look for him.

Others asked if the poster was okay, urging them to get checked out by a doctor after the accident, before pointing out that they had received more concern and attention from the internet forum than their own husband after the accident.

Newsweek was unable to verify details of the case.

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