How to install a vacuum handle bar

Innovations in the bathroom and shower never cease to impress. Nowadays, an average individual has the opportunity to enrich their space with various gadgets that were almost unimaginable back then. Yet, minimalism remains one of the most followed trends, which implies the least amount of space taken up while efficiency remains uncompromising. If you recognize yourself in the above and enjoy doing DIY projects, you will be happy to learn the tips and tricks for installing a vacuum handle bar in your home. Therefore, feel free to browse the lines below and get ready to improve your lifestyle with ease.

What is a suction cup handlebar?

How to install a vacuum handle bar

As the name suggests, the gadget is a carefully designed handlebar that uses a vacuum to attach itself to all sorts of different surfaces. Initially, it is envisaged as a tool for bathrooms and showers, since it potentiates increased mobility and brings increased comfort to the table. Or, shall we say, to your bath. All kidding aside, the benefits this little guy can offer are many, especially when compared to alternative solutions that take a lot more effort to install.

No drilling

Let’s be honest. While the drilling process may make sense to skilled craftsmen, not everyone feels comfortable drilling a hole in their shower. Not only is it noisy and messy, but it also requires steady hands and prior knowledge to perform the procedure the right way.

Suction handles require no such action, as all you have to do is gently position the tool on a flat surface. After flipping the switches, you can shower and enjoy your newly upgraded space without having to worry about the clutter that alternative options would entail.

Say goodbye to clutter

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When it comes to installing traditional handles, you should be aware that the process means you’ll probably have to spend forever cleaning up the ensuing mess. It does not matter what kind of material the walls of your shower are covered with, because you will have to attach the usual handle to it using an external force.

The story only gets worse if you have tiles because going through them requires extra care and imposes a risk of damaging the surface if you’re not careful. Now imagine if you weren’t happy with the initial positioning of the handle! Not only would it take more time, but also more money to compensate for the damage if you wanted to fix the problem.

Thanks to its ergonomic design reinforced with a suction socket, the suction handles leave no room for the destruction of the beautiful walls of your bathroom. Plus, if you don’t like the position, you can easily change it almost effortlessly.

Portable Solution

While it may not have occurred to you that you can take your Suction Grip Bar with you wherever you go, we would like to draw your attention to this one-of-a-kind benefit. Naturally, not all handlebars are made the same, as you can find different designs on the market. To see what both the enlarged shower grab bar and the smaller versions of the gadget look like, we suggest you visit

Again, you might not want to deprive yourself of the pleasure of taking it on a trip, especially if you fall in love with a larger version of a suction cup grab bar, so knowing you have one. occasion should keep you calm at all times. Just store it with your usual hygiene kit and unpack it once you arrive in your hotel room. It will patiently wait for you to grab it from the bag and attach it to any flat surface you deem appropriate, to your mutual satisfaction.


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To install your new best friend for shower time, you will need to focus on a model that you purchase. Basically, the manufacturer must provide a detailed instruction manual that provides all the necessary information.

In short, the gadget relies on a vacuum. An overwhelming majority of models are equipped with 2 super tight suction connectors which are controlled by two easy to use levers. Your pre-installation work would involve thoroughly cleaning the surface where you intend to attach your gadget. The reason for this is more than simple, because impurities can spoil the vacuum cleaner and prevent you from firmly attaching the bar.

If you don’t intend to move your vacuum bar from time to time, you can use different types of materials to improve the connection. Even if it would do the trick, we advise against trying it, in particular because you would deprive yourself of the pleasure of using the tool for what it is designed for. If you want to attach it permanently, we advise you to read the manual and find out about the adhesive that will not damage the material the connectors are made of.

Who can use a suction cup handlebar?

Long story short, anyone can use it as long as they have what it takes to mount it on a wall. We dare say that the tool is particularly admired in the senior community as it allows individuals to place it where it suits them whenever they wish to change their position. What it does is it increases their range of mobility by providing stable support, which is considered a must in slippery conditions.

Younger generations prefer it due to various modern designs and ease of use. Ultimately, it looks cool and you can install it wherever you want, so we dare say it’s obvious that one might want to upgrade their shower space with such a useful gadget as a suction handle bar.

Hopefully the above information and suggestions gave you the answers you were looking for. We dare say that installing a suction cup handlebar is child’s play, especially if we compare it to the pleasures it potentiates.

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