How to ask for an inflation-linked pay rise – and how much to ask for

When it comes to negotiating inflation-linked salary increases, there has long been a simple rule: don’t mention inflation.

The reasoning was that basically the bosses don’t care about your financial situation and whether or not you can make ends meet.

Pay raise negotiations should be about what you bring to the organization and why it needs you, rather than what you need.

But with inflation now at its highest rate since 1990, and most Australians worse off, some experts are changing their advice.

Many workers say they asked their boss for a raise.

Emma, ​​29, a property manager in Melbourne, recently tried her luck.

“I told them that with the rising cost of everything, my salary was no longer sustainable,” she said. To hack.

“I didn’t want to leave, but I was ready to go somewhere closer to home that offered a bit more.”

And it worked, after a few days his employer agreed to a 7% pay rise.

Amy, 24, a designer in the NSW area, had a very different experience. She also brought up inflation with her boss – and was pushed back.

“They said they couldn’t justify paying me more,” she said.

So how can you get the chat?

How much are you asking?

Australia’s annual inflation rate is currently 6.1%, meaning prices have risen as much over the past 12 months.

If your salary has not increased during this period, you are effectively earning less than 12 months ago.

So if you made $50,000 in the last year, you are $3,000 worse off.

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