How the ‘Yellowstone’ Costume Designer Updated Outfits for Season 2

Since inheriting the world of “Yellowstone” in Season 2, costume designer Johnetta Boone has made her mark bringing Western fashion and costumes to a wider audience. The key was to adapt to each character, she says.

Beth, played by Kelly Reilly, is someone who, according to Boone, transitions from iconic baggy suits to “knockout” outfits. One of those looks is her chainmail dress.

“It was so iconic of the 80s and so passionate about this most incredible faux fur, which again supports our intent,” Boone said.

The dress designed by Fannie Schiavoni was intended for Beth to lure, seduce and gather information. “The color gold exudes richness and opulence, which most people crave. It is the very

color that attracts everyone. Its off-white coat communicates a sense of purity,” she says. “His nude-colored stiletto boots keep you focused on his torso while delivering the very unspoken language of sex appeal. »

This dress aligned with the aesthetic of the show and Season 4 Episode 10, “Grass in the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops.”

The outfits highlighted and reinforced the bitterness of damaged business and relationships as we see things come to a head in the episode, which happens to be the season finale.

“It’s about the unspoken words, ‘I believe in loving with all your soul and destroying anything that wants to kill what you love,'” Boone told Variety. ” That’s it. That’s all there is.

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