How Kevin McCarthy tried to stop Marjorie Taylor Greene

The episode in This won’t pass is indicative of the characters of McCarthy and Greene. McCarthy is used to deferring to Trump. Initially, after the Jan. 6, 2021, mob attack on the Capitol, the Republican leader said Trump actually bore “some responsibility” for inciting the riot. In private comments to other members of Congress shortly after the mob attack, McCarthy said he believed Trump should resign and would recommend it to him. He also suggested that some Republican members of Congress (likely of the same conservative leanings as Greene) be kicked off Twitter. But just over two weeks after that, McCarthy traveled to Mar-a-Lago to pay his respects to Trump.

Greene, meanwhile, would go on to win the runoff, suggest Trump impose martial law to hold onto power, blame Jews for the California wildfires (which helped earn a broad rebuke from the minority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell), was spreading misinformation about Covid -19, being permanently suspended from Twitter and falsely claiming that Democrats funded the Nazis in Ukraine – a claim that drew a scathing rebuke from Congressman Jamie Raskin the last week.

“She said that the aid that American taxpayers send to the Ukrainian people to defend themselves against Vladimir Putin and the Russian army falls into the hands of the Nazis. I want to see his proof. Where is his proof? said Raskin. He went on to say, “She talks about NATO Nazis. [Does] the minority believes that our NATO allies who are trying to defend the Ukrainian people are Nazis? Has it come to this? The lady is talking about a massive invasion, we had a massive invasion of our own room and she continued to be an insurgency cheerleader and denied what happened here.

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