House passes assault weapons ban following mass shootings

The bill, HR 1808, would ban the sale, possession and transfer of high-capacity magazines and assault weapons by name — like the AK-47 — and features, like a pistol grip. The bill would also ban the sale of certain gun accessories like gun straps.

The Biden administration backed the bill on Friday. “We know that a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines will save lives,” an administration statement said.

Democrats have argued that the earlier ban on assault weapons has reduced mass shootings and that rifles such as the AR-15 have become favorites of mass killers. They graphically depicted the damage high-powered guns can cause to the human body.

Representative David Cicilline, DR.I., the sponsor of the bill, also argued that these weapons are also frequently used in police shootings.

“These weapons have no place in our communities. They are turning our streets, our schools, our grocery stores, our cinemas and our hospitals into bloody battlefield scenes,” Cicilline said in a speech on the ground. “And they kill our children, our friends and neighbors and the police who try to protect them.”

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