Holiday flights could take 18 months to return to normal

Huw Merriman, the chairman of the transport select committee, called for immediate reforms that would give passengers the right to automatic compensation, instead of placing the burden on them to apply.

“It should be the responsibility of the airline and not the consumer to seek compensation. Why should they have to go through the hullabaloo of filling out fiendishly complicated forms? ” he said.

During the pandemic, passengers have struggled to get refunds from many airlines, as some airlines have made it difficult to access cash, but have made it much easier to apply for a voucher. the place.

Regulator “urgently demands power to fine”

Mr Merriman said on past performance airlines had proven to be unreliable and inconsistent in getting compensation for their customers. He said the regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), “urgently needs the power to fine so that it can act as a consumer watchdog”.

Currently, the CAA cannot directly fine airlines that consistently breach compensation rules and must instead take them to court. The Department for Transport (DfT) has just completed a consultation, which is considering proposals to strengthen the powers of the CAA.

Lisa Webb, who? consumer law expert, said: “Without the ability to impose fines or take swift action against airlines, the CAA has struggled to effectively defend the passengers it is there to protect. Several airlines already know this, and without the threat of penalties, there is a real risk that some will feel empowered to break the law as a result.

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