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We’re almost halfway through August and Megan Thee Stallion is following in the footsteps of her “Savage Remix” collab partner Beyoncé with her own album. Traumazine, a bold and ambitious ode to enemies. While the album is likely to generate plenty of hits, a female rap icon is back to try and reclaim her throne – Nicki Minaj released ‘Super Freaky Girl’, sampling Rick James’ classic ‘Super Freak’. While Minaj is far from the peak of her fame, the single is a solid effort in the way her “Anaconda” sampling Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” kickstarted her career at the time. While the female MCs are definitely going head-to-head, it’s likely that they’ll still make an impact on the charts without too much pressure. At Hits Of Tomorrow it’s all about giving those hits that should be a little extra boost and this week there’s no shortage of new releases.

“Mutual Friend” – Jessie Reyez

Criminally underrated, Jessie Reyez has yet to see the success many of her contemporaries have enjoyed in recent years. But that doesn’t mean she’s stopped trying. “Mutual Friend” is the perfect single right now. It fits the Top 40 but has that extra edge that has always made Reyez stand out from the pack and the single shines due to its dark lyrical material and the singer’s remarkable vocals. If there is justice, she will rank very high on the charts. A deserved hit!

“Keeping tabs” – NIKI

Indonesia is fast becoming the next South Korea! Well, at least NIKI proves it. With the release of his album Nicholas, she looks back on her youth and redoes and reinterprets her songs from the past. “Keeping Tabs” shines brightest and will hopefully be pushed as a single not just in the Asian market but worldwide, as the track has the right formula to make it a breakthrough radio and streaming hit. . Hopefully a proper music video will follow because there’s no denying that NIKI is a star.

“The Space Man” – MØ

Always a bit off-center, MØ returns with a collection of B-sides after releasing their third studio album “Motordrome” a while ago. The collection includes single “Spaceman,” a standout track from the set that thankfully seems to be rightfully pushed by the artist with a music video that finds her as the leader of a new planet. The song is quirky, catchy and everything we’ve come to expect from the Danish artist, but rarely hear on playlists and on the radio.

“Burning” – Yeah yeah yeah

The hype continues to grow for the Yeah YeahYeahs’ first album in nine years. “Burning”, the latest version of the next cool it down is produced by Andrew Wyatt and is probably the band’s popliest record…ever. Inspired by the Four Seasons’ “Beggin'” (recently turned into a hit cover by Maneskin), the single is the perfect introduction to the band for a whole new generation/audience, while making longtime fans of Karen O and company more than happy to come back and move on.

“Kiss (Edit)” – Editors

UK rock band editors also continued to preview their next album EBM over the past few months, “Kiss” being their latest single. The track is definitely their best so far in this era and the song, if properly promoted, should become not only a signature song for the band, but also a hit single. Edited from the nearly seven and a half minute original version, the shortened mix is ​​perfect for those late summer playlists and will fit perfectly between OneRepublic and Beyoncé on Top 40 radio right now.

“Heart on fire” – Rozes

Speaking of OneRepublic, I’m sure many are wondering how they pulled off the biggest single from Top Gun: Maverick on Lady Gaga’s ballad “Hold My Hand.” Well, the truth is that their single “I Ain’t Worried” is a far superior song and became another hit for the band. Why exactly am I talking about this while doing a tech report on Rozes’ latest single “Heart On Fire”? Well, because this single is what “Hold My Hand” should have been. The fact that Rozes continues to fall under the radar is beyond my comprehension because the songwriter knows how to make a hit. The soundtrack producers would have been better served by taking this cinematic ballad as the theme song for the hit film. Radio that still enjoys occasionally featuring this slow-burning classic ballad need look no further! In the meantime, a big congratulations to the singer who released the song to coincide with her wedding!

Even more success!

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SHERYL CROW – courtship.

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