Here is the answer, clues for May Day

Time to wordle, people! A new puzzle has arrived, and as always, we’re also here to provide some hints and tips to help you out if you’re having trouble.

Bookmark this page for the answer to the question Word of May 1st #316. If you want to try guessing it yourself, keep reading for clues, tips, and strategies to help you out.

Background: Wordle was originally created by engineer Josh Wardle and has become a daily habit for gamers around the world. The game has been purchased and continues to be operated by the New York Times.

The pun has also inspired many clones and variants, like battle royale Quarrelmusical identification game Heardleand iterations like Dordle and Quordle.

It may seem wordle has become more difficult, but it is not. However, you can always change wordle in hard mode.

Not the day you are looking for? Here is the wordle answer for April 30.

Better wordle starting word?

We have plenty of ideas that can help you if you want to be strategic in your selection.

As a general rule, you’ll probably want to insert at least two vowels in your first word, as well as more common consonants such as S, T, R, or N.

Check wordle archive

If you are not satisfied solve only one wordle per day, the whole archive of the past wordle puzzles is also available to play.

Remember to take breaks and stay hydrated.

Why are there two different wordle responds on certain days?

Although it is generally accepted that there is only one wordle solution to rule them all in one day, sometimes two different correct answers will share the limelight.

This is due to changes New York Times made after acquiring the puzzle game.

Here’s a subtle hint for May Daywordle to respond:

It’s a verb.

wordle 316 is a 5 letter word that starts with…

Today wordle is presented to you by the letter ‘F’.

What is the answer on May 1stwordle?

Make your final guesses, as the final answer will now be revealed!

The solution to wordle #316 is…


You did not understand ? Do not worry. There’s always another chance when it comes to wordle. Check back tomorrow for more helpful hints and tips!

Reporting by Amanda Yeo, Caitlin Welsh and Adam Rosenberg contributed to this article.

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