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Happy Cards is a gift card platform where you can buy gift cards for friends and family members for any type of occasion. You can use the card in so many brands and restaurant chains located all over the USA and Canada. Happy Cards offer cards for so many events and occasions in one’s life. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, baby shower, or simply for taking someone out to eat, there’s a card for anything and anywhere. There’s an endless list of products and companies where you can use your Happy Cards card for tons of benefits and rewards. It steps in as a great tool for using it as a gift if you find difficulty in buying a present for someone where you can’t decide what to purchase. Here we’ll give you answers to the basic queries you might have regarding HappyCards and also the safety of the card.

How to Check HappyCards Balance?

There are a couple of ways to check your HappyCards balance based on what type of card you have. However, the steps to check the balance on your cards are all similar. Follow these steps to check HappyCards balance.

For Happy Cards official US website click here

For Happy Cards official Canada website click here

– If you have a HappyCards scratch card or e-card:

  • Locate the card number on the back of the card
  • Scratch the surface of the card to reveal the hidden pin
  • Go to the official HappyCards website and click on Check Balance
  • Enter the gift card number that’s written on the back of the card
  • Enter the pin code
  • Click on Submit

– If you have a plastic card:

  • Go to the office HappyCards website
  • Enter the gift card number of your HappyCards
  • Enter the expiration date written on the card
  • Type in the CVV code that’s on the back of the card
  • Click on Submit

These are the steps to check the balance of your HappyCards no matter what type of card you are using.

How to Activate HappyCards Card?

If you have a plastic card, you can use it in select stores where the company’s name is listed on the card. Note that online redeem policies may not apply to all merchants with a plastic card. To activate your HappyCard, visit a store or brand displayed on the card and approach a cashier or manager. They will take your card and see if it applies to the products in the specific store. The store workers will then activate your card, after which you can use it.

If you have a scratch card or e-card, go to the official website of HappyCards and then locate the redeem section. Click on the Redeem Now option, where you’ll have to enter the digits of your card and the pin code. You can then use your funds in the card to use them on the brands you want after it’s been activated.

Is HappyCards Safe?

HappyCards is totally safe and secure to use as the website uses encrypted protection measures to protect your personal and financial information.

Happy Cards Customer Reviews

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