Gun Fight ‘justified’: Crew member recalls PA dodged gunfire

Crew members who were on the set of FX’s “Justified: City Primeval” have spoken out after production halted in Chicago when two cars engaged in a shootout ripped through the show’s barricades.

A crew member, who wished to remain anonymous, was returning from a bathroom break when he heard a snap in the distance. “I’m from a military town, so I know what gunfire is like,” they said. As the sounds got louder and louder, they said, “Our first AD got on the walkie and said to everyone, ‘Come down, take off your safety vests, those are kicks. fire. “”

Moments before the shooting, production was preparing to shoot a street chase scene. “I was working with the first crew and the cast to make sure we were ready to go,” the crew member said.

According to the member, Chicago police had shut down both ends of the street as the production ran from midnight to 4 a.m. The incident happened around 1 a.m.

The crew member said: “They went right past our U-Crane camera arm, and our crane operators were probably the closest of all while these people were shooting at each other. The U-Crane had to drive and turn left to get away from them.

The crew member also described how a personal assistant, who was across the street from a bus stop, “got away just in time because a bullet hit the window of the bus stop and broke the window”.

Another crew member, who also wished to remain anonymous, first heard background noises coming through the park and assumed they were fireworks. “They started moving down the park hallway and I heard them getting closer and closer,” they said. “They came straight down that road to 130 people. I saw the cars drive past the cops and blow down the street as we prepared to shoot.

The person added: “The U-Crane was on the road at the time and they drove right past it.”

No one was injured in Wednesday night’s incident. Crew members speaking with Variety said the main roads where the production was filming were barricaded at either end, but cars drove through them.

This is the second incident of gun violence to affect a major production this week. Early Tuesday morning, a member of NBC’s “Law & Order: Organized Crime” crew was killed while reserving parking spots for the production.

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