Government program makes ‘heat pumps have never been more accessible’, but experts disagree | Personal finance | Finance

First, a property must be physically matched to the pump in order to be worth changing in the first place.

Mr Robinson noted that this was the first major hurdle, as many homes might find it “unrealistic” to install a heat pump.

If the property is suitable for a pump, Mr Robinson noted that geothermal heat pumps “are perfect, especially for underfloor heating” and are less weather-sensitive than their air-source counterparts.

In addition, both pumps can be used as cooling systems and can last up to 25 years for geothermal pumps or 10 years for air pumps.

However, renewable and cheaper long-term alternatives are not necessarily accessible when installation costs can be as high as £35,000, as is the case with geothermal heat pumps.

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