Getting your first job: tips and tricks

The tight job market can make things difficult for employers, but there’s a flip side – there are plenty of opportunities for those looking to start a career.

Sectors such as hospitality and retail – both popular with people looking for their first job – are hungry for workers. Not only does this make it easier to get a job, but job seekers might find that there are also more opportunities than expected to grow within the organization.

But a first job doesn’t have to be tied to a future career, says Kate Furey, career insights specialist at Indeed. “It’s about gaining experience, showing you’re reliable, learning how to communicate well with your manager, co-workers and clients, and getting a sense of what a working environment is like. structured work,” says Furey.

Jessica Findlay, 17, found her first job this year.

Candidates should consider their interests and passions as well as the type of environment in which they thrive – whether they are good at interacting with customers, working independently or doing physical labor – and honing their skills. choice from there, she said.

For 17-year-old Jessica Findlay, COVID lockdowns kept her from looking for her first job until this year.

“Everything felt so uncertain, and the rules about what you could do kept changing, and I worried about working with a mask on. I was nervous about us going back to lockdown,” the Grade 11 student says.

Findlay started by targeting a home goods store she liked, offering her resume over the counter.

“I spoke briefly to a manager who told me he had filled the floor positions. But she was eager to see if they could find something for me, because she didn’t want to lose me,” Findlay says. “She asked me basic questions like ‘what is your availability?’, ‘do you have experience?’ and ‘why do you think you would be a suitable person for this role?’. She was interested that I had a food safety certificate, completed through a program at my school.

By the time the formal interview followed a few days later, personnel changes meant Findlay had been offered a role on the homewares store floor – a good match given that she is interested in a interior design career. Findlay’s personality also helped.

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