Gavin Dance singer Tilian Pearson ‘walks away’ from band amid sexual assault allegations

The rest of the post-hardcore outfit will proceed with scheduled touring obligations and the release of their next album.

Posted on June 03, 2022

Dance Gavin Dance singer Tilian Pearson will ‘walk away’ from the band following sexual assault allegations that surfaced online earlier this week.

Band members Matthew Mingus, Will Swan, Jon Mess and Andrew Wells have released a statement explaining how they intend to move forward following the abuse and manipulation allegations, which were posted in the subreddit r/dancegavindance.

“Effective immediately, Tilian will step down from the band in order to seek professional help,” they wrote in an Instagram post, before adding that the rest of the band will continue with their scheduled touring obligations, including a date. in Toronto with Coheed. and Cambria in August. They will also release their upcoming 10th studio album, Jackpot juicer.

“We’ve all worked incredibly hard on this album, and it’s also Tim’s last recorded work. [Feerick, their late bassist who passed away in April] – we want to make sure we give it all the attention it deserves to honor its legacy,” the post-hardcore stalwarts added.

Pearson posted his own statement on Reddit shortly after his accuser came forward, refuting their claims and saying it was all consensual. “I understand that in a new sexual relationship there is a period to determine each other’s preferences, but there is no doubt that our physical contact has already crossed borders into something akin to aggression,” said he wrote, further uploading screenshots of text conversations exchanged between himself and the alleged victim.

The singer was the band’s third lead vocalist, following Jonny Craig – who was also ousted amid controversy and has also been accused of sexual assault and domestic violence – and Kurt Travis.

See the group’s statement below.

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