Fury when the state pension could be abolished: “Retirement is not an advantage! » | Personal finance | Finance

They said: ‘I contributed to a private pension, only to find out I was ‘cast out’ of the public pension, so I was paying 13.5% of my salary at a time when I couldn’t afford it .

“In contrast, my brother-in-law has put his money into property and now owns four houses that have increased in value exponentially, plus he receives monthly rents.

“So who was the cup?” Me definitely. Hindsight is so good when you’re old and poor, so many things I would have done differently, but when you’re young a pension and poverty in old age is something else that others suffer from not me. . »

JK2 added to the conversation saying, “The state pension cannot be abolished because almost half of the population depends on it. However, it will not keep pace with inflation, and anyone who depends on it after about 2035 will retire in poverty.

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