Free Prescriptions for Over 60s: You May Have to Wait Six More Years Under Evoked Plan | Personal finance | Finance

Caroline Abrahams, director of the charity of Age UK, explained: “The money the government raises if it goes ahead with this proposal will be easily offset by the additional costs to the NHS if, like this is predictable, some people don’t take their meds and get sicker, faster.

“Tens of thousands of people may need hospital treatment due to rationing of what they take, so it really is a bad idea that will hit poor and low-income people the hardest.

“Once we reach our early to mid-60s, our doctors advise many of us to take medications that have been proven to safely control potentially serious health conditions.

“If the government goes ahead with its proposal, it is clear that some people will be reluctant to act on symptoms or get a diagnosis for fear of not being able to afford long-term symptom relief or even, in some cases life-saving drugs.

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