Frameable’s Virtual Spaces Service Creates a New Way for Businesses to Connect Remotely

Washington DC-based company Frameable aims to transform remote and hybrid working with its virtual space services.

Frameable Spaces allows teams to create virtual environments for their businesses that simulate offices. In addition to the functions of traditional video chat platforms, companies are able to create a collection of individual video conferences or “rooms” within the platform, similar to different rooms in an office. Spaces can be created for teams of employees who work on social media, design, infrastructure, IT and more, for example.

Frameable Spaces Virtual Workrooms

The company says what sets Spaces apart from other video conferencing platforms is the collaboration factor.

Frameables Virtual Spaces Service Creates a New Way for Businesses
CEO Adam Riggs

Spaces allow employees to see who is in which room, allowing team members to drop into any room if they need to talk to someone or ask a question.

This eliminates the need to email a colleague, pick a time that works best for the other, and set up a meeting link, allowing for a faster pace of communication.

The platform also allows users to lock their room if they’re in an important meeting or don’t want to be disturbed, allowing for some level of privacy.

“If I wanted to answer one of these calls, if the [virtual] door was open, I would be able to do it,” said Adam Riggs, CEO of Frameable. “It’s easier to collaborate. Basically, we’re just eliminating the intended friction [meetings]. Everyone’s remote work experience is very heavy on scheduled interactions because unscheduled interactions are very difficult with regular meeting software. »

“What people love about being in person is that they love that it’s possible to have these positive, incidental, unplanned interactions that you might call an interruption, but it’s really not than teamwork,” he noted.

He added that how companies use Spaces differs from organization to organization. For example, some organizations may choose to use the platform at certain times of the day, while others may schedule a “project hour” where they choose a specific date and time, making it easier to connect with employees. .

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“You don’t need to use it all day every day to get value, it depends on your team and the culture of the company. But once people see how easy it is, it’s pretty exciting. It’s like 90 percent of the value of working in person but without the commute,” Riggs said.

Frameable, created in late 2020, is used by everything from small businesses with single-digit people counts to Fortune 500 companies, Riggs said. He added that the company plans to do a “full launch” in the third quarter.

Finally, Riggs added that Spaces seeks to ensure that remote workers in hybrid work models don’t feel disconnected from their in-person colleagues. When someone is at home, if the tools provided to them don’t allow constant collaboration with their colleagues, they quickly lose that connectivity, he said.

Spaces aims to put an end to this problem with its “open door policies” and easy-to-connect features that aim to simplify communication between colleagues in different locations.

“We are human and when we interact with each other in person, it is different from interacting remotely. This technology, the product that we’ve built, really enables a company to bring humanity to remote work in a way it’s been missing,” Riggs said.

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