Florida Ad Not About Presidential Campaign; “Absurd” Idea – Deadline

Gavin Newsom has denied that his recent ad inviting Floridians to “join us in California” has anything to do with presidential ambitions. Many see Newsom, a Democrat, and Florida Governor Ron Desantis, who is a Republican, as favorites in the 2024 race for the White House.

The CA governor called the notion “absurd in that regard: that I will be meeting with the vice president in a moment. My old friend, colleague, Californian, the Vice President of the United States,” Newsom said of Vice President Kamala Harris, with whom he had lunch Friday, the Sacramento Bee reported. Tradition assumes that the current vice president would be her party’s nominee if the president did not run.

“He’s a non-starter,” Newsom said of his own presidential campaign.

The California governor also told the Bee that the motivation behind the announcement was more personal than political.

” He [DeSantis] did something that gave me a very straight tip, and that was after Special Olympics. I had an emotional response to that,” Newsom told The Bee, his voice catchy. “That led to considering doing something a bit more expressive and that was the determination of the announcement. »

You can watch the announcement below.

Newsom has a history with the Special Olympics. He led the committee to hold his World Games in Los Angeles in 2015. He has posted online over the years about the experience saying “It changed me. »

Florida threatened the Special Olympics with millions in penalties if it demanded vaccinations at its Orlando event last month. At the time, Newsom, who has been open about his own struggles with dyslexia, tweeted a response.

“Ron DeSantis’ values ​​on full display: intimidation. The. Special. Olympic Games, “

Whether or not the announcement is about 2024, Newsom has made a habit of trying to speak to conservative Americans lately. He joined Donald Trump’s Truth Social last month and has posted several videos there engaging users on topics including gun control and abortion.

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