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FiveBackGift is a gift card issued by Visa which customers can use to shop online. Besides shopping online, FiveBackGift can even be used at select restaurants. You can use mail, telephone, or go online to register your card, where your personal information will be required to apply successfully. Head on to their official FiveBackGift website to register yourself. FiveBackGift is an awesome tool where you can shop at selected stores to get five percent off from your buying price, which is funded back to your card. This will help you save money on a gradual basis as it makes a difference. You might be wondering if FiveBackGift is a legit platform or not. So let’s take a look at some questions that you might be asking yourself.

FiveBackGift Customer Reviews

Is FiveBackGift Legit?

To simply put it, yes, FiveBackGift is totally legit since a certified financial service corporation issues it. You might’ve acquired a FiveBackGift card, and the question that arises is if it’s legitimate or not. Since Visa issues it, you can safely assume that it is an authentic gift card. But always be wary not to fall for scam pages as they may present themselves similar to FiveBackGift, where you’re at the risk of losing money. So, always be alert and make sure that you are visiting the correct website. If you want it to be totally sure, you can call the customer care helpline on their website to confirm it.

You can also take other preventive measures like contacting the number on the back of your issued card for further details.

Is FiveBackGift Safe?

Whether you’re shopping online or eating out, you can be sure of the fact that FiveBackGift is totally safe. The transactions are fully encrypted from end to end so that unwanted third-party applications do not compromise your banking details. Always make sure that you’re on the official website while registering for gift cards.

If you don’t want to be a victim of scams, it’s vital that you double-check the website that you’re visiting for the gift cards. Some fake websites may appear almost similar to prey on unsuspecting customers where they could potentially lose their balance. So, always examine the website to confirm its authenticity.

How to Report Issue?

In the case that your card is stolen or misplaced; you can contact the customer service number of your card provider immediately. Just look up the company’s name on the internet and make sure that you dial the right number. To be on the safer side, always keep your card details written down on paper or your mobile phone so that if you lose it; you can provide customer care service with the digits right away.

If there are any other issues regarding your card, you can either mail the card company or contact the service through the phone. While reporting an issue, always provide your credentials, like your name and your card number. You could also provide additional information like your home and email address.

FiveBackGift Customer Reviews

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