Fever of the “great summer” at the Capitol

Another great “Deep Summer” in the tradition of Washington? Softball leagues, especially those that pit congressional offices against each other. And you never know when one of your teammates on those teams will find themselves in Congress. In our latest Staffer News edition of Roll Call, Jackie Wang spoke to Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota, who spent the summer of 1989 interning for Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., and starred in the office softball team. Not only is he a congressman, but he’s also on the Democratic Congressional Baseball Game list, as a “below average baseball player and average softball player.”

He went from trainee softball to congressional baseball game

Towards the cave

Speaking of summer and ways to avoid the heat, our former colleague Katherine Tully-McManus, now at Politico, recently shared a Roll Call Undercover Capitol video we teamed up on a few years ago about the Senate-side summer house, also known as the Grotto, which Frederick Law Olmsted designed to be a respite for the Capitol community. It’s been under repair for a while now, but once opened, enjoy.

Hot on the Hill? Take a summer break at this hidden Capitol gem

A success and a failure

Things can get heated in Congress. People come to fight for their beliefs, for their constituents, for what they think is right, and sometimes the tensions boil over in public. Also: Sometimes they just say stupid things. Or fun things. Or things that don’t make sense. Our very own Chris Hale collects the best (and worst) statements from members of Congress each week in “Congressional Hits and Misses.” And if you see a compilation of the many aphorisms of Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, make it this one.

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