‘FBoy Island’ Is The Greatest Thing Nikki Glaser (and Humanity) Has Ever Done

As she guides me through her days on the Atlantis-like Boy’s Island, Nikki Glaser can’t resist using the word “awesome”. Residing on the archipelago, however teeming with crypto-brothers, is a “big, good life.” The comedy production team is “awesome”. The trio of girls at the helm of the show? Also “awesome”. Hell, even FBoys themselves can be awesome. Focus on boxbecause most of the time they are as manipulative as Mark Zuckerberg on FBoy steroids.

Naturally, it doesn’t take long for the comedian to declare the HBO Max reality show “the greatest thing I’ve ever done.”

And she is right. While Glaser has done a lot of great things in his life (judge RuPaul’s Drag Raceroasted Alec Baldwin on Comedy Central and a few hilarious specials, including a new one airing on HBO Max later this week), it’s easy to see why she’d call hosting Boy’s Island the greatest thing she’s ever done. It’s because the show is the best thing anybody never done.

Of course, Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. The Wright Brothers discovered a way for humans to take flight. Shakespeare wrote all these plays. But none of them coined the phrase “FBoy, F-BYE!” None of these men were wise enough to mix up a dozen hottest guys and a dozen adorable boys and scatter them among three lovely young women. They also didn’t think about getting these guys to fight over $100,000 under bizarre romantic circumstances.

But Boy’s Island is more than just a dating game. Loaded with so many twists, Boy’s Island feels like a new competition with each new episode. (Players can return after being eliminated, if they escape “Limbro” purgatory. This season, a shocking number of returning players are returning to the game. There’s more, but we won’t spoil anything.) And yet, with a deliberately hokey tone in each episode, watching Boy’s Island feels as awkward as watching your insanely drunk friend try to flirt with the most beautiful human being on the planet.

Nikki Glaser is the mistress of ceremonies on FBoy Island.


Glaser loves that the show is so fast-paced, moving past the boring men to focus on the toxic or overly ambitious ones instead.

“Our show says, ‘Yeah, you won’t know these people. We’re not going to waste our time acting like you have to know them,” Glaser says. “We call these tropes of reality that we’ve been seeing for decades now, that we all recognize. We’re not going to pretend that this date went well. We’ll just tell you that date wasn’t good, and we’ll move on.

That being said, you are going to see every second of an FBoy locking himself up to cry in a bathroom, yelling at the camera crew to leave him alone. You’re going to see a lot of FBoys pouring oil on their chiseled bodies during transition plans. And Nikki Glaser and I can promise you’ll love every second of it.

Glaser likens the show to a zoo. Here’s his theory: If you put a male panda and a female panda in an enclosed space, by nature, they’re going to have sex. What you see at the zoo is, indeed, real panda sex – as opposed to staged panda sex, I guess? – but that’s only because they’re the only pandas within 100 miles.

And just like you can’t control pandas, neither can you control FBoys. You also can’t control the girls who yearn for the love of their life – or any human being, for that matter. We are all animals, in the end.

“I realized during the first season that it was real. These people can’t be such good actors,” Glaser says. “The trick is you get people on an island, only hanging out with guys they might like, and then they only talk to those guys’ producers, and they don’t have a phone to do something else. You will fall in love. »

Thanks to the reality of it all, Glaser also thinks she’s found herself a “short cut” in the entertainment industry. Besides relaxing in a new paradise each season (Season 1 was set in the Cayman Islands, we’re now in Cabo San Lucas), Glaser also doesn’t have to complete repeat after repeat to get the shot. perfect. To hell with the Oscars!

“I don’t understand why anyone would ever do a scripted show,” she says. Aside from a handful of cameos in Amy Schumer movies like Rail accident and I feel pretty, for the most part, she stayed away from the scripted world. “It takes so long to learn the lines, [and] to then learn to play these lines, memorize them. If you write the show, [you have to] write the lines, build the sets, wait for the cameras to change position. Boy’s Islandyou just set it up and away you go.

It can be easy to host the show, but initially Glaser thought she would actually be in a different hot seat: as one of the three leading ladies. When creator Elan Gale (a former producer of The single person franchise) contacted the comic, Glaser assumed she would fight FBoys herself, in the trenches with the other ladies.

She was wrong, of course. Yet Glaser has thought of the character she would be if she had to sift through 24 men in the name of money.

FBoy Island Is The Greatest Thing Nikki Glaser and Humanity

The cast of guys (and duds) this season.


“I probably would have convinced myself that I could flip an FBoy,” Glaser said with a chuckle. “My strategy would be as follows: I would take a lot of action. I would try to kiss as many boys as possible and have a lot of fun. My goal would be to find someone, and if this is the last time I do this, I will have a great time with all these hot guys.

But Glaser also admits that she may not be savvy enough to take on an FBoy. She was “pursuing Garrett” until the very end of Season 1, shocked by FBoy’s betrayal of Sarah. “I couldn’t believe the amount of manipulation he was able to concoct, live on the spot, to this girl. “Sorry Nikki. Some of us saw it coming from a mile away.

Since she doesn’t have to worry about fending off FBoys, Glaser doesn’t have to do much planning for her role on the show. It helps that she’s funny (duh), not afraid of finance bros and slimy manipulators, and willing to make anything up on the spot. Hell, the series’ Albert Einstein-level genius send-offs (“FBoy, f-bye!” and “Nice guy, nice try!”) were conceived just an hour before the very first episode was filmed.

“They didn’t give me a ton of grades,” Glaser says. Then, correcting himself: “They didn’t give me any Remarks. They held back and said, “You know what you’re doing. “I didn’t know what I was doing!

That must be a lie, though, because Glaser certainly acts like she knows what she’s doing. And she speaks with such conviction that she tells me about one of the hokiest, cheesiest, best parts of the show — her FBoys roasts — and takes it so seriously.

” It turns out that if you don’t deliberately pit women against each other, that won’t happen, very often.”

“It’s very consensual for me. I don’t like roasting people unless they’ve signed up,” she says. “Even with that, a lot of them don’t have it. Bombing in front of hot guys is part of the job.

Luckily, a few returning guys in the cast (we won’t spoil who!) made Glaser’s life a little easier. A fan-favorite from Season 1, who was eliminated early on, returns, as does a runner-up and winner. In the first season, all three were FBoys. Was Glaser ready for trouble? No. “I was excited when these guys got cast again,” she says, unafraid of drama. “I have so much more on [redacted returning FBoy] which I have on none of these guys.

After watching the Season 2 premiere, you might get an idea of ​​who this redacted returning FBoy might be – and it might get you even more excited to keep watching.

But while the FBoys are the show’s apparent stars, and Nikki Glaser serves as hostess along with most of the hostesses, the show’s real heroes are still the leading ladies. Somehow, even though they’re all chasing the same group of guys, each woman falls in love with a different man. “It wasn’t fabricated,” Glaser says. “It turns out that if you don’t deliberately pit women against each other, that won’t happen, very often. »

This changes the game. Even though Boy’s Island is loaded with dopey goodness, you won’t feel bad after watching several episodes in a row, because the show actually respect the women he places at the centre. It’s like eating a very, very good Caesar salad with lots of dressing and parmesan cheese: comforting, yes, but healthy. Pretty healthy.

1657853642 387 FBoy Island Is The Greatest Thing Nikki Glaser and Humanity

The three main ladies of season 2.


Watching reality shows, viewers aren’t always trained to respect the women who run the show. Viewers don’t hesitate to chastise dating show contestants, especially women, for their inappropriate mate choices, even if they haven’t (and would). never) set foot on a series of reality encounters.

“I implore everyone to be kind to [the three leading ladies] on line. They’re really adorable,” she says, a call to people who will inevitably dump every hilarious moment on social media. “They have all this pressure on them. I just had so much respect for them, being so young and confident enough to put themselves in the position of being judged so harshly.

“I saw myself in those situations a lot,” Glaser says. “Not even my younger self, my current self, where I would see these girls fall in love with guys I would totally fall for. »

So, maybe this season directed by Nikki Glaser Boy’s Island isn’t it so far after all? With the many twists and turns lurking behind every corner of the reality series, don’t rule it out quite yet.

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