Family stumbles upon gun cache while paddling in pond

Ryan explains: “We were at River View Walk where we go regularly with our children, and my sons were playing with a 15 year old boy, James, when he slipped on what appeared to be a magazine from a gun.

“He then started searching through the water and then one by one he started pulling out everything you can see in the pictures.”

Ryan was there with his three children, ages eleven, five and one.

He adds: “I then contacted the police, who came to collect the weapons and are going to sweep the river again.”

Callum Jones, spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Service, said: “Police were called to Winsford Road, SE6, at 4.49pm on Saturday August 6 to a report of firearms found in a river. Officers were present.

“A gun and ammunition were recovered and removed from the scene.”

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