Fact Mix 857: Sarra Wild

A euphoric journey through jungle, R&B and Lebanese pop editions from one of Glasgow’s most important DJs.

“I’m not good at recording mixes,” Sarra Wild says at the start of their Fact Mix. “I prefer to be in front of a crowd. While recording a mix at home might not be the Glasgow DJ’s favorite setting, this thrilling hour-long set nonetheless vibrates with the energy and love of rave that made Wild one of Scotland’s most exciting DJs.

Since Wild began his music career as a club promoter, they have sought to champion marginalized communities through their bookings and DJ practice, a philosophy that takes everything into account, from the venues in which they perform. produce to the sounds they play and produce. Wild is also co-founder of OH141, a music and arts platform that was launched to prioritize the experience of women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community in Glasgow.

Outside of DJing, Wild is a sound designer and producer who has been featured in galleries and festivals including the V&A Dundee and to bloom by artist Camara Taylor, presented at Glasgow International and The Gallow Gate. Wild has also acted as a mentor and curator in the Rising Residency program initiated by OH141 and Jupiter Artland.

On their Fact Mix however, Wild pumps out rave euphoria at 2 a.m., starting with a blissful wave with Iceboy Violet’s “White in the Violet in the Hotel (RMR)” and traveling through the jungle, the techno, R&B editions of Ploy and pop from Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram. via tracks from Anunaku & DJ Plead, AceMo and S-Type. “I haven’t edited any bullshit, so what you hear is basically me showing up in front of the decks and doing what I have to do with a bottle of red wine,” Wild says.

You can follow Wild on Instagram and SoundCloud. Wild will also play the upcoming TTT party at London’s MOT Venue alongside Will Bankhead, PLO Man, Covco and Ron Morelli – buy your tickets here.

List of tracks:

Iceboy Violet – ‘White in the Hotel Violet (RMR)’
Special Request – ‘Pull Up’ (Tim Reaper Remix)
Proc Fiskal – Dvus – the last a – mix already pope fish scales
Dillinja – ‘You’
OSSX – ‘Big Yawn’
3Phaz – ‘Exploit’
Blu Cantrell – ‘Breathe’ (Ploy Edit)
Anunaku & DJ Plead – ‘Clap Clap’
J-Zbel – ‘Nem de Porc’ (Bee edition)
Nancy Ajram – ‘Ya Tabtab Wa Dallaa’
Khia – ‘My Neck, My Back’ (Ploy Edit)
K Wata – ‘What do you want?’
AceMo – ‘Freak Out (Ignore All)’
Type S – “Be where you are”

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