Exclusive! “Standing stable in any situation to hold these divine expressions is the most difficult task,” says Devaksh Rai of Dharm Yoddha Garud

Bombay : It’s been a while now since Sony SAB released the show called ‘Dharm Yoddha Garud’. Garud is a mythological drama series that has a stellar cast. Faisal Khan, Parul Chauhan, Angad Hasija, Toral Rasputra, and Ankit Raj, among others, play pivotal roles in the series.

In an exclusive interaction with TellyChakkar, Devaksh Rai talked about how he landed the role, the preparations he made for the role, the challenges and more.

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What made you say yes to the role?

I always wanted to do such a character. I also wanted to explore mythological characters because in mythological shows each character has their own importance which is larger than life, and obviously the character of Agni Dev is very powerful with a lot of variations, he is the god of fire, symbol of purity, power, life and destruction. You can tell it’s a bunch of different characteristics in one character, so without taking so much time, I accepted the opportunity.

What challenges do you face in playing this role?

I worked on my bodybuilding bit. As I have to present a very strong personality, I also read some books and stories of Agni Dev and studied his character characteristics. I practiced meditation because it is a very difficult task to represent a God because your face and your eyes say everything you feel inside whether you are stressed, sad, excited, happy or angry . But to be a God even after having a lot of power and responsibilities, you have to be balanced and calm, and to stay stable in any situation to hold these divine expressions is the most difficult task.

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Tell us about the bond you share with the cast and crew.

About my cast and my team, I just want to say that I’m very lucky to have such a great team, everyone is very talented, humble and cheerful there. I learned a lot from everyone, our director Ajay sir, sir Sharad and sir Pradeep are very supportive and cool and my co-actors, Faizal who plays Garud is very humble and down to earth, Abhinav Kumar who plays Indra, Sandeep Sharma who plays Narad, Pradeep Adhikari (Vayu Dev) are all fabulous and extremely talented, we have a lot of fun together and always motivate and support each other. Literally, it is a pleasure to have advice and company from all of them.

Good luck, Devaksh!

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