Eight Measures That Reflect a Slowing U.S. Economy

2. Consumer Trust: In June, the University of Michigan consumer sentiment survey hit a 70-year low, with nearly half of respondents saying inflation is eroding their standard of living.

3. The housing market: Demand for real estate has declined and construction of new homes is slowing. These trends could continue as interest rates rise and property companies, including Compass and Redfin, have laid off employees in anticipation of a slowing housing market.

4. Seed funding: Investments in start-ups fell to their lowest level since 2019, falling 23% in the past three months to $62.3 billion.

5. The scholarship: The S&P 500 had its worst first half since 1970, and it’s down nearly 19% since January. All sectors of the index beyond energy are down since the start of the year.

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