Editorial: NHL Playoffs: Greatest Spring Ever

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It’s a win-win battle for all we hold dear.

No, we’re not talking about Jason Kenney’s leadership review and whether he will actually lead the ruling party this summer.

And we’re not talking about ongoing fights over COVID-19 and public health measures either.

For once, in a time when everything else in our lives is a mess of politics, health crisis and impending war, we have something fun on the horizon – the Stanley Cup playoffs.

It may seem trivial to many, the idea of ​​millionaires with knives strapped to their feet chasing a rubber disc, but it’s an age-old tradition that hockey fans across Canada look forward to every spring.

And it’s the one we’ve wanted for two years.

Content of the article

After two years of pandemic hiatus, bubble cities and an all-Canadian division, we have the chance to truly celebrate together with full arenas and bars.

Fans in Calgary and Edmonton are among three Canadian cities to marvel at the magic of the playoffs. And God knows how much Albertans love to join in the fun.

Make fun of superspreader events if you will – and we hope people take the necessary precautions when out in public, including NOT going out if you’re sick – but this is something we sorely need.

The fact that fans can soak up the action live and in person is huge, not to mention all the other gatherings around the arena and in the bars is a blessing for individuals and businesses that have been suffering for decades. years now.

Getting hockey fans to fill the tables to watch the likes of Connor McDavid and Johnny Gaudreau and Leon Draisaitl and Matthew Tkachuk is a boost to business bottom lines.

Getting out of the house — with the cooperation of Mother Nature, of course — to reunite with friends and cheer on our hockey heroes is a collective mood boost for all of us.

And the prospect (knock on wood) of a second-round Alberta battle is something we all look forward to, even if loyalties are divided.

The season is coming to an end, but the real season is about to begin.

Game on!

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