‘Edit into a Short’ will help long-time YouTube creators repurpose content for shorts

YouTube Shorts, the company’s TikTok short video competitor, turned out to be a great success for the platform.

But YouTube is still synonymous with its longer content and well-known long-form content creators. To help remedy this, the platform is launching a brand new tool to help YouTubers extract 60-second clips from their existing long videos and quickly create content for YouTube Shorts.

“We want to make it easy for creators to take a moment from one of their VODs [videos-on-demand]integrate it into our tools and easily edit it into an engaging short film for their viewers,” Vadim Lavrusik, product manager of YouTube short film creation, said in a statement provided to -.

This new feature, announced by YouTube in a post on Thursday, will begin rolling out today and should reach all mobile users in the coming weeks. The tool is only available in the YouTube app on iOS and Android devices.

“To use this feature, all creators need to do is go to their channel and choose a video they’d like to edit into a short film,” Lavrusik explained.

Just tap “Edit in Short” and any YouTube creator can create a short clip from long-form video content.
Credit: YouTube

After clicking the “Edit to Short” option on the watch page of one of their own videos, “they will be able to choose a video segment up to 60 seconds long to create a new short- footage,” he continued. “Similar to importing a video from your device’s gallery to create a short film using our tools, this simply allows you to import a segment from one of your YouTube videos already downloaded.”

In addition to speeding up the process of trimming longer videos, creators will also be able to add additional content to the short if the clip is shorter than the maximum length of 60 seconds to create a short YouTube video. This could help creators add additional context or new updates to shorts they create from old long clips. Creators can also use all other YouTube short film editing features like filters, text, etc.


Here’s everything you need to know to use YouTube Shorts, TikTok’s new competitor

YouTube has informed – that this feature is only available to the creator of the original long-form piece of content. There are other features that already exist, such as To cut and Green Screen for viewers to reuse videos from their favorite channels.

One really interesting aspect of this new feature for YouTube long-form video creators is that it provides attribution to the source material. If a creator extracts a 60-second segment from a longer clip for YouTube Shorts using this feature, YouTube automatically provides a link to the original long video directly in the Shorts player.

YouTube Edit in a short feature

Attribution is a key part of this Shorts feature.
Credit: YouTube

“Attributing content and making viewers aware of a creator’s wide range of videos is an important part of this feature,” Lavrusik said. “Viewers can easily tap on the link to go to the video where it came from and watch the entirety if they want to go further.”

YouTube Shorts’ audience is totally different from the platform’s viewer base, so attribution can really help viewers of short content discover new creators making longer videos.

Hannah Warlinga YouTube creator who’s used the feature before, thinks Edit in a Short will help creators who usually upload long-form content get to grips with YouTube’s growing shorts platform.

“I expect to use this tool to not only direct my audience from short form to my long form, but vice versa,” she explained. “I also think it will allow me to post more consistently across both formats. When creating content, creators have a limited amount of time, which often forces them to choose between one format or the other. By making it easy for creators to reuse the content they’ve worked so hard to create, you give them more opportunities for their hard work to reach the widest possible audience.”


YouTube Shorts says it has 1.5 billion monthly users. These are TikTok-like numbers.

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