DWP might be watching your social media or showing up at your house – why? | Personal finance | Finance

Many DWP investigators wear civilian clothes and can show up at someone’s home or work at any time, so having knowledge about their investigations can make a big difference.

In each case, the DWP will need sufficient evidence to show that someone is receiving a benefit to which they should not be entitled.

Fraud investigators have a wide range of powers that allow them to gather evidence in a number of ways, including surveillance, interviews, and document searches.

The DWP has sophisticated means to detect possible fraudulent activity, which means that anyone benefiting from the DWP can be investigated at any time.

If an investigation is to take place, the British will be informed in writing, by e-mail or by telephone. As soon as there is sufficient evidence of potential fraud, the DWP will launch a formal investigation and notify you.

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