Dominion Director on the Extended Cut

Jurassic World: Dominion is the third and final part of the jurassic world trilogy, and it was a global blockbuster, grossing very close to a billion dollars worldwide. Now that it’s hitting home video via VOD, streaming and Blu-ray, director Colin Trevorrow has opted to release an extended version of the film fourteen minutes longer. The original film was cut to just under two and a half hours for theaters, but Trevorrow, while being interviewed by our man Lance Vlcek, who is in Malta on a press tour for the home press release, said that it didn’t take much persuasion to get this plus cut. You can watch this clip here:

It wasn’t like we had to go do any more work, we had the movie. So I just asked, ‘listen, can we just release this movie after the theater has screened?’ It is a two month period. Looking back, even movies like The Dark Knight only existed in theaters for three months, but its life has been all the ways we watch movies ever since. So I knew once this movie got home, it was the movie we were all going to watch.

The extended cut includes an alternate opening, which is believed to be the prologue that played in theaters last summer before Fast and Furious 9. Trevorrow previously told The Wrap that this was his intended opening for the film, but was to be cut:

“[It was] perhaps too Malick-ian for a great summer movie. It was the beginning of the movie, it’s the first five minutes of the movie and something I’m very proud of.

The film is now 160 minutes long and will be released on VOD, Blu-ray and 4K on August 16.

Stay tuned for more footage and exclusive interviews from the Jurassic World: Dominion on a press tour in Malta!

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