Dominic Raab defends editor for rejecting meeting with president over Angela Rayner article

When asked if the whips were any closer to figuring out who was responsible for claims, he replied, “Well, I’d have to talk to the chief whip about that.” Is something he will look into, and of course it’s very hard to find.

“But what we are clear is that we do not and we will not tolerate any behavior and slander like this, and if we can find out, we will take action against it. »

The Justice Secretary’s remarks come after the newspaper doubled down on its right to publish the story despite widespread condemnation of the article.

On Tuesday night, three other Tory MPs told the – they could back up The Mail on Sunday’s report that Ms Rayner had been the original source of claims she uncrossed her legs in the Commons to distract the Prime Minister.

As well as the original Tory MP who was quoted anonymously in last Sunday’s article, three other MPs alleged Ms Rayner joked about her ‘tactics’ during a night on the Commons terrace.

The newspaper also obtained a recording of comedian Matt Forde’s Political Party podcast in January, in which Ms Rayner said her appearance at Prime Minister’s Questions drew comparisons to Sharon Stone’s character in the 1992 thriller.

She said at the time: “Every time I do a PMQ [Prime Minister’s Questions] does anyone have an opinion on what i’m wearing. Did you see the Sharon Stone meme like I did in PMQs? I was mortified. »

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