Disney Channel actor sentenced to 2 years in jail for seducing underage girl for sex

Stoney Westmorelandfamous for his work on the Disney Channel, will spend a few years in federal prison after prosecutors say he tried to trick a minor into having sex.

The actor reached a settlement in the case … pleading guilty to a lesser charge of using interstate facilities to transmit information about a minor, and a judge gave him 24 months in prison and 10 years of probation.

Stoney’s lawyer, wendy lewistells TMZ … Westmoreland was initially charged with enticing a minor on the internet, which carried a potential prison sentence of 10 years.

As we reported… Stoney was broke out in Utah in 2018 after authorities said he arranged online to have sex with someone who was just 13, allegedly communicating through an app used for dating and arranging sexual encounters.

Stoney’s lawyer tells TMZ … he was using Grindr and was actually communicating with an undercover agent posing as someone else, and the lawyer says a doctor who evaluated Stoney concluded that Westmoreland thought the exchange was role-playing with an online adult and that Stoney didn’t actually believe he was communicating with a 13-year-old.

As part of the plea deal, obtained by TMZ, Stoney must cooperate with DNA collection and register as a sex offender.

Additionally, all of Stoney’s computing devices will be subject to random search and inspection and he must report all accounts he uses for electronic communications and storage, including email and social media.

Stoney, who got fired from disney after his arrest, is also prohibited from contact with persons under the age of 18 without adult supervision.

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