Destiny’s Child Reunion teasers would be real

Virtually since the band broke up, Destiny’s Child fans have been dying for the girl group to reunite. But after they did it during Beyonce’s rather infamous headliner at Coachella, hope grew exponentially. And maybe after seeing the reaction to their return to the stage, this trio is actually considering a tour. In a new interview with entertainment tonight about her new children’s book, Always with you, always with meKelly Rowland was made aware of the band, and while she was adept at dodging the question, she still had at least a few things to say about it.

“We love everyone so much that we wouldn’t mess with it, but I think…you guys deserve a surprise,” she said. “I feel like everything is so planned that we see it before it happens and we see the process right after it happens. It’s just a lot, like, we deserve spontaneity, we want to be surprised, and I hope Destiny’s Child would be a pleasant surprise.

So this is a Beyonce eponymous secret level and when it drops we’ll all be shocked too? Did she say that? Or was it just a shy sweep… Well, now that Kelly is done with that book, maybe it’s time to get back on stage.

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