Demi Lovato ‘needed three stitches’ after cutting her head on crystal – Up News Info

Demi Lovato needed “three stitches” after cutting her forehead on a large amethyst.

The Confident singer, who uses the pronouns they/them, revealed to fans on TikTok on Wednesday night that they had cut their forehead and would need stitches to close the gash near their eyebrow.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Thursday night, Demi revealed how the injury happened.

“I was picking up something off the floor that I had dropped,” they told guest host Mark Rober. “I’m a big fan of crystals. I literally have an amethyst that is about this high (table height gestures). It’s just very heavy, and there are sharp bits. Anyway, I went to bend over and pick something up, and didn’t see the amethyst, and hit my head. Last night I had to put three stitches in my face.

The 29-year-old then revealed that they called their doctor and showed the injury on TikTok before telling anyone else.

“I called my doctor and said, ‘Hey, I just punched my face, do I need stitches?’ and he was like, ‘FaceTime me’. So we did Facetimer and I was like, ‘I have Kimmel tomorrow, what do I do?’ So I did what any sane person would do and created a TikTok before I even told management,” Demi joked.

The singer covered the injury with makeup and a black bob wig with bangs.

Demi performed her new song Substance live in the studio. On Thursday night, they also released the music video for Substance, which features a cameo from Demi’s friend Paris Hilton and the tracklist for their upcoming album Holy Fvck.

Substance was released on Friday and Holy Fvck will be released on August 19.

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