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Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds surprised a 13-year-old boy with a video message after the teenager underwent open-heart surgery.

Seb Hollingsworth’s dad took to Twitter on Tuesday night, asking, “How do we get a superhero @MarvelStudios to send a message to our Heart Hero Seb? »

Reynolds replied: “Can you open your DMs? and arranged to send the message to Seb in his hospital bed in Newcastle.

“You can call me Deadpool, call me Green Lantern, call me whatever you want!” Reynolds can be heard saying in the video.

“I heard you’ve been through this mate, and it sounds like you have a ton of amazing people who love you so much.”

“I just want to send you my best wishes and send you all my love, and I hope I can see you in person one of these days mate – hang in there, you’re doing amazing and I’m super proud of you , okay Seb? »

Seb’s father, Ivan Hollingsworth, said his son was born with a heart defect and needed life-saving surgery when he was around four months old.

He said he had been “so anxious” to have another operation.

“We talk about the brave and resilient children, but in truth, he was terrified. I was sitting there watching him and he is doing so well, but he is in incredible pain and just feels rotten,” said Mr Hollingsworth, of Whitley Bay.

The 13-year-old heard one of his heroes

“I just sat there by his bedside the night before last, and I just sat there by his bedside the night before last, and I thought he deserved something. »

He said Reynolds was still in contact and had invited them to his football club, Wrexham, of which he is co-owner.

“He texted me saying ‘please keep in touch. I want to know how Seb’ is doing. Who would have ever thought you would utter that phrase? said Mr. Hollingsworth.

“I just say, ‘I really want to stay up to date. I know Wrexham is far away, but if you ever want to come down you have the best seat in the house.

“When people do things like that, they must be inundated. But it is difficult to express the impact.

“Me, telling him how brave he is and how well he’s doing with rehab is kind of like what dads do. Getting a message from Ryan Reynolds is different, isn’t it? »

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