CNBC’s list of retired GOP corporate attendees is definitely not meant to be used for boycott purposes (with a bonus of awkwardness)

The Association of Republican Attorneys General will soon hold a private retreat in Florida, and a CNBC reporter is linking the meetings to the overturning of Roe v. Wade for no particular reason:

“Just weeks after supporting the overthrow of Roe v. Wade.

But to make things easier for campaigners, not that that’s the intention here (half an eye roll), there’s a handy list of companies provided:

Oh, well, isn’t that useful for some…

The journalist seemed to be defending himself against the charges of “militant reporting” with this retweet:

That’s good to know because people who sign paychecks for CNBC might not have liked it if they were the target of boycotts, because they’re on the list:

We’re sure CNBC’s former parent company won’t mind being on the “wink, nudge” list, ostensibly intended to help leftists organize their boycotts.

They will definitely appreciate this.

However, Dem donors have also been spotted:

In all…

It really was.

Naturally, the story was not intended to incite pro-boycott leftists. Expect…


Yeah, maybe it was.

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