Chloe Okuno’s ‘Watcher’ Wins Biggest Opening Weekend Ever For IFC Films/IFC Midnight

Chloe Okuno’s feature debut is a box office sensation. “Watcher” scored “the biggest opening weekend gross ever for IFC Films and its IFC Midnight/Shudder label on 764 U.S. screens — also one of the distributor’s widest releases,” according to Deadline. The thriller, directed by breakout “It Follows” Maika Monroe, “brought in an estimated weekend gross of $815,000 and a PSA of $1,067.”

“Watcher” had its world premiere at Sundance in January. Written by Okuno and Zack Ford, the pic tells the story of Julia (Monroe), an American actress who, in the midst of re-evaluating her career, moves to Bucharest with her half-Romanian boyfriend, who has landed a promotion at the company of marketing he works for. Struggling to adjust to her new surroundings and the language barrier, a lonely Julia becomes increasingly convinced that she is being stalked by a neighbor just as a serial killer begins to dominate the news.

“‘Watcher’ is one of the best feature debuts we’ve ever screened outside of Sundance and with it, Chloe Okuno has proven beyond doubt that she is a leading new voice in horror,” said IFC Films President Arianna Bocco. “We are thrilled to have partnered with him on the release of ‘Watcher’ and remain committed to finding the best new voices working in cinema today. »

“I’ve always admired true psychological thrillers that are dedicated to getting us as much as possible inside our protagonist’s head – making us feel whatever they’re feeling. I was also drawn to its simplicity – the story of a woman who is not believed,” Okuno told us. “It can be a very devastating experience, and one that a lot of people have probably had at one time or another. Women in particular often face this kind of condescending stance from the people around them. She explained: “We learn to modify our emotions so that we cannot be seen as overly emotional, even when those emotions are justified. It becomes a very exhausting cycle. It’s a movie that explores that in a higher genre scenario, but the core frustrations are ones that I personally experienced and was interested in exploring.

We featured “Watcher” as our pick of the day.

Okuno is set to team up with Anna Kendrick for ‘Rodney & Sheryl,’ a Netflix pic based on the true story of a serial killer who appeared on ‘The Dating Game’ — and the woman he slept with. won a date.

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