China promises more drills, but Taiwan undeterred

The drills could also pave the way for better ties with some of Taiwan’s neighbors. After five Chinese missiles landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, the country’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida condemned the drills. This presents a potential opening for Taiwanese officials, who have called for a security dialogue with Japan.

“What is needed is no longer just a bilateral discussion between Taiwan and Japan or Taiwan and the United States, but dialogue, communication and contacts established as soon as possible between Taiwan and the US-Japan pact. ,” said Lai I-chung, a senior executive. committee member of the Taiwan Thinktank research group and former official of the island’s Democratic Progressive Party.

Taiwan should learn from Ukraine, he said, and not allow China to dictate a new status quo that undermines Taiwan’s territory and autonomy. Calling Ms Tsai’s approach “cautious”, he said some Taiwanese yearned for stronger action, signaling possible political risk to Ms Tsai’s approach.

“She’s very cautious, even to the point that some young Taiwanese people who have a strong Taiwanese identity aren’t happy with her,” he said.

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