Charli XCX Performs Intimate Show in London E! News UK

Jamie Campbell Bower and Roman Kemp were among those who enjoyed an intimate performance by Charli XCX on Wednesday night (10.08.22).

The 30-year-old singer treated VIP guests at Samsung’s Unpacked After Party in London to a rendition of a number of her biggest hits, including ‘Boom Clap’, ‘Boys’ and ‘1999’, while they also got to experience a Jungle DJ set.

In addition to the musical entertainment, ‘Stranger Things’ star Jamie Roman and other guests including Patricia Bright and Jorja Smith were able to experience the new Samsung Galaxy Experience Space in Piccadilly, London.

Guests were among the first to experience new devices there and shared the results of their immersive sessions on their respective Instagram Story accounts.

The event marked the launch of the Samsung Unpacked experience, which is free and open to the public from Thursday (8/11/22) through August 31 and is home to over 10 immersive experience zones, displaying brand new Galaxy devices like never before. previously.

Meanwhile, the ‘New Shapes’ singer revealed earlier this year that she thinks the music industry is “starting to catch up to her” and that people understand her forward-looking music better than before. .

Speaking about her fifth album ‘CRASH’, she said: “I’m on my fifth album in my five album deal. I’ve come to this place where I’m integrating all the different things I’ve done in the past into one piece.

“I also feel – and this may sound negative but I actually think it’s positive – I also feel like we’re at a point in the music industry where the industry of the music is starting to catch up with me a bit.

“We’re in a time where being an artist like me is actually quite common and the norm and with things like hyperpop existing. It feels like it’s now a tangible genre that not only weird kids with great taste can relate to, but playlisters can relate to or whatever.

“This album feels very cyclical in a lot of ways…people can relate to who I am now.”

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